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Peter Jefferies


Peter Jefferies was the vocalist for Nocturnal Projections, an 80s post-punk band from Stratford, a tiny little town near New Plymouth. Our exhibition’s name is derived directly from this band, and references not only the band itself, but also one of the most exciting eras of New Zealand music.

As part of Nocturnal Projections & Other Small Happenings, Jefferies will be exhibiting a collection of Nocturnal Projections band posters from 1980 - 83.

A big thanks to Peter Jefferies and the Nocturnal Projections band for their support of the use their name.


Nocturnal Projections (band) poster exhibition, circa 1980 – 83

Paper & vinyl

With performance by Francisca Griffin​

Opening Night | 5:00 - 7:00pm

Exhibition | 26th - 31st July

OLGA Gallery - 32 Moray Pl