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Image courtesy of Jed Town.

Jed Town


The first time I came into contact with Jed Town's name was in relation to his band, Fetus Productions, when I saw them in Auckland at the Windsor Castle in the early 1980s. They blew my brains out and left their indelible mark. It wasnt just the music or the wall of sound that blew out from the stage, but the live use of film and visual stimulation in conjunction with sound . They were cutting the edges off the status quo of NZ rock and completely trailblazing a new road for what was to become a norm.

I was excited to realise that Jed was still practicing his trade, it is after all so easy to give up.  Fetus Reproductions exhibited at the Auckland Art Gallery and Secrets of the Ocean Floor at Artspace.His work still  crossing the visual and sound genres creating  new and sometimes disparate worlds.

“Secrets of the Ocean Floor “ is a work I am looking forward to experiencing and I feel very privileged to be able to have Towns as one of the artists for this exhibtion.

- Cath Cocker