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Ivan Mršić


Ivan Mršić is an interdisciplinary visual artist, percussionist, composer and improviser. His long running practice builds on the foundations of the avant gardé music, performance and art. Part of his aural experimental practice explores the sonic potential of discarded everyday objects. He also builds instruments himself – his “Theareye Collection” operating on the assumption that virtually anything can become a musical instrument under certain conditions. His research and creation of contemporary music instruments (eg: his kitchen sinks with springs), have been a signature sound for his compositions.


One of Mršić's primary fields of investigation is improvised musical collaboration. In 2016 Mršić developed the project Kakokarangaphonia, a time scored orchestra of noise, for

the Te Tuhi exhibition Share/Cheat/Unite. This exhibition went on to win an award for excellence at the Museums Aotearoa Conference.

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I Can hear You With My Eyes

Projected moving image​

5:30pm - 1am | 16th - 20th July

First Church of Otago - 415 Moray Pl

Image courtesy of the artist.