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Francis Steven

"Last time I saw Scone (John Radford) he gave me a couple of metal baubles from the performance he was about to perform (Artspace in Auckland), and even though it references being John Malkovich, our window of connection here is obviously not really a portal but more of a snippet."

Francis Steven is an enigmatic figure in the world of NZ art. Having been based in most urban areas of NZ, Francis is currently working in the south of the country, but due to the elusive nature of the artist, you seldom know where their work will appear next. 


Steven's work is always provoking, often tactile, and makes strong use of technology. The latest work is a bio -kinetic triggered response piece using the metal baubles well known sculptor and performance artist John Radford gave to Steven during their last encounter.

Being John Radford

Motion triggered wireless sound work hidden on street level in a small alcove, Carol St.